Weekend update

This weekend, I’m probably going to be able to build up some buffer, a luxury that I haven’t had in a while. I’m also planning to make a batch of ginger beer (you may recall that I did so last summer, too), this time with a proper yeast and a method of production that doesn’t involve leaving the ginger in the bottle so it has to be filtered out. Hopefully, not having to pour through a filter will result in better carbonation in the glass.

In other news, my collaborator on the universe in which Nathaniel Cannon is set has a teaser of his own to show, which I’ll probably want to run when A Jump To Conclusions is done with (thereby cleverly buying myself a week or two to plan the Nathaniel Cannon tale I have next in the pipeline). Supposing that goes well, I might see about getting him set up with a subdomain here, since that’s easy enough to do with the magic of WordPress, and I’ve always sort of liked the idea of Many Words being more than just me.

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