Weekend update (multivac is dead, long live guiltyspark)

As of yesterday morning, former server multivac became retired. multivac was an OpenVZ VPS, which simply didn’t have the muscle (the I/O performance, more precisely) to host Many Words and run a Mumble server for my friends at the same time. guiltyspark is a Xen VPS, just over twice as expensive but possessed of greater processing power, a gigabyte of RAM, two gigabytes of swap, an extra terabyte of bandwidth1, and, critically, few enough instances on a node so that I get access to the disk at reasonable speeds. I’m very happy with it. My friend hosted a Rise of Flight server (there isn’t a headless Linux version, alas), and we did this:

Rise of Flight is great that way. Writing goes well; as I said in the last commentary post, I’m tempted to leave Sam and Amber after this story in favor of more Nathaniel Cannon, since I have a ton of Cannon story ideas floating around. I was going to say more, but it’s time for some more flying.

Okay, so now it’s twenty minutes before this post goes live, instead of last night when I wrote the parts above this one, and I can say a little bit more. My one friend and I are teaching my other friend the tricks to aerial combat, which is exciting. One can never have too many flight-simming buddies. My experienced friend (the pilot of the target bomber in the video above) and I had a little Sopwith Dolphin vs. Fokker D.VIIF engagement at the end of the session, of which video will soon be posted.

1. In really, really busy months, I use about 10 gigabytes, and the overwhelming majority of that is backups, so this is basically worthless.

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