Commentary, A Jump To Conclusions No. 6

There’s a very minor change at the end of last week’s post.

In more exciting news, the current server (multivac) is being retired in favor of a newer, faster one (guiltyspark) I can use to run a voice chat server. There will probably be some downtime over the weekend while I do the conversion, but the site should be snappier when it’s done. I continue to recommend Virpus Networks, whose Xen VPS plans are incredibly inexpensive and whose OpenVZ plans are practically free.

I’ve been doing some fun flight simming stuff lately, which I’ll talk about in a weekend post. Writing is going smoothly, but although I have some inventive ideas for murders, I’m not sure I have the knowledge of criminal psychology to pull off Sam and Amber stories convincingly. Naval Arm stories and Nathaniel Cannon stories are nearer areas I could claim to be good in.

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