Weekend news

Writing progresses on A Jump to Conclusions. I don’t have a buffer built up yet, but between when I’m writing this and Tuesday I might be able to get ahead for the first time in a couple of months. First-person is an indulgence for me, but I’ve been pleased with my restraint so far.

I spent a few minutes on the website theme, adding fancy navigation links on pages in the Writing category that only link between other pages in that same category. That’s a requirement for getting on some various web fiction guide link indices, and also handy for people who want to read through the archives (the associated commentary posts are always posted at 4:29am to the writing post’s 4:30am, so the previous post link under all posts ought to be easy enough for access to the commentary).

The other things I’ve been up to are probably more exciting. If you’ll permit the pun, I spend a fair bit of time on AARtistry; that is, the practice of documenting my play of various PC games. There’s one for helicopter sim DCS: Black Shark 2, and one for wargame magnum opus Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge. I hope to do a Bastogne scenario in the latter come Christmas, pending a patch to fix an issue that makes attacking harder than it already is.

My firearms collection has seen the acquisition of a Webley Revolver Mark VI, with an M1 Garand and a Rifle, Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield Mark III (the storied ‘Smelly’ of the Great War) coming soon. Although it’s ahistorical, I plan to get an aperture sight to replace the rear notch, which would be a big quality of life improvement. I can probably deal with the ahistoricity since, along with bandoliers and belts and a holster for the Webley, I’d count the SMLE as a part of my 1930s adventurer getup, and as a 1930s adventurer, I would be perfectly willing to modify my equipment from the military spec for better functionality.

My October looks busy already, to the point where the only weekend I don’t have something already scheduled for is the weekend of my birthday. News on that to come as it happens.

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