Hello, and welcome to Many Words. If you’re wondering what this place is I’d invite you to read the tagline, with the caveat that on the Internet I use Fishbreath more often than Jay[1]. Updates are on Tuesday and Friday[2].

You’ll notice the Lägraltvärld and Lägraltvärld Commentary links up above, which lead to the individual entries in the work and whatever else I have to say about them, respectively. Blather is everything else, and the archives are the same as the first two links except organized in a slightly nicer way. I’m afraid that the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ entries on each post are of limited use, but that’s the fault of WordPress.com, and there’s nothing I can do to fix them without losing a bunch of nice organizational features.

Fair warning: this is largely a venue for me to improve by doing. I don’t guarantee that you’ll enjoy it, or even that it’s much good. With that in mind, if you just move on now I won’t hold it against you (although if you’d stay, read, and tell me what you don’t like I’d be glad for the feedback). That said, I hope you do find something you can enjoy and decide to stick around.

[1] Long story.
[2] Generally. I’m a lazy bum, so if it looks like I haven’t updated for a while, you’ll probably find an excuse somewhere among the most recent posts.

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