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We Sail Off To War E-Book Releases June 11th!

War has broken out in the Confederacy of Allied Worlds, and it falls to the brave men and women of the Naval Arm to defend their country against the Exile fleet. Over the gas giant Argo, they are losing. With few resources and little time to spare, they must find—and bring to battle—an Exile armored cruiser which has terrorized the spacelanes for too long.

Consider this the official announcement for my first e-book release. We Sail Off To War, a military science fiction novella, will be released in e-book form at your favorite purveyor of fine reading material on June 11th. Preorder it now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple iBooks.

Many Words Press will host some launch day festivities: come by the website on June 11th for some e-book giveaways, random chit-chat with me at the Conclave (behind the forum link in the header), and a Nathaniel Cannon choose-your-own-adventure story written live by audience vote.

Watch this space in the weeks to come for more information!

Tentative schedule of events
(All times Eastern)

0000, June 11

  • We Sail Off To War goes live at retailers. Previews become available, preorders ship.
  • The first entry of Nathaniel Cannon and the Schneider Trophy, our choose-your-own-adventure story, posts, along with a voting link for the first branching point.

1200, June 11

  • Your author will be around from here on. Ask questions or partake in random chit-chat at the Conclave (the forum link up top).
  • Voting closes for the first chose-your-own-adventure branching point.

1430, June 11

  • Voting for the second branching point will be available no later than 2:30 p.m.

1530, June 11

  • Voting for the second branching point closes.

1700, June 11

  • Voting for the final branching point begins no later than this.

1800, June 11

  • Voting for the final branching point closes.

2000, June 11

  • Nathaniel Cannon and the Schneider Trophy ends.
  • Your author heads back to standard availability.
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